Jackson S. provided his “Scout’s View  on the Jambo 2010:


Describe the jamboree campsite. Our Jamboree Troop, Troop 217, was given a large square space of open field to use as our campsite at the edge of sub-camp 2 in the Northeast Region of Ft. A.P. Hill. We were surrounded by other troops made up of scouts from the Cradle of Liberty Council, as well as scouts from Puerto Rico, and other parts of Pennsylvania.


What was the best part about the jamboree for you? Making new friends and Learning about scouting all over the world.


Did you have a unique experience to share with our troop? The arena show on Saturday night, and the fireworks display afterward were astounding. Eagle Scout Mike Rowe, from the T.V. show "Dirty Jobs" , was the keynote speaker, and he talked about his experiences in scouts. We also heard performances from the bands Honor Society and Switchfoot


Did you have a favorite activity that you did at the jamboree? Earning the Archery merit badge.


What kind of patches did you collect? Mostly individual CSPs, which is fancy Jamboree lingo for "Council Shoulder Patches".


Were there any interesting people you met from other troops or states? A ton of new friends from Puerto Rico, it was really cool meeting them at the arena show.


What activities did you do in the day, or night?  There was a multitude of activities open all over Ft. A.P. Hill for scouts during the day, most of which helped scouts to earn Jamboree "rockers" to put on your uniform. Each evening, there was some sort of show on the regional stage, which varied from bands, to Baltimore Ravens cheerleaders, to famous authors and wrestlers.


How was it different from a regular summer camp week? It was longer, and the goal was not to earn merit badges as much as it was to try new things, and have a good time.