Boy Scout Trivia

Author:  Eric J.


Jamboree Patch Trading Trivia:


Patch trading is very popular at the National Boy Scout Jamboree’s.  Troops from all over the country bring a unique council patch or patches to trade with other troops.  Troops design a special patch for the jamboree. 

There are always a few very “Hot” or popular patches that everyone wants.  These patches usually relate to something that is big at the time. 

The most popular patches at the 2005 jamboree included:  Ron Jon Surf Shop, Master Chief from Halo, Star Wars, Super Mario and SoBe energy drink, and Hooters patches.

Popular patches most sought after at the 2010 jamboree were:  Marvel comic book superheroes like the X-men, the Blues Brothers, the Orange County, California set filled with images of surfers, the Central Florida Guitars that made music when squeezed, military helicopters and planes and Hooters patches re-visited.